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(The forced exodus of Indians from Northern India by Mahmud of Ghazni. circa. 11th century)
The Romani Cultural, History and Traditions exhibit held at the
Ethnic Communities Council Hall, Perth, WA October 2009
The three day exhibit was an extensive, colourful and educational presentation with Romani artefacts, picture boards and history boards showing Romani life from the time Romanies were taken out of India until this day. There was also photos of paintings of Romani people from the late 1800s and a PowerPoint slideshow on Romani culture with commentary and music. Romani food and light refreshments were served on opening morning.
It was an important event for the Romani community of Perth and a great opportunity to have our culture seen and better understood by the greater public.
John Hyde MLA. Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts; Heritage; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship opened the exhibit.
Ms Maria Osman, Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Interests WA
Welcome ladies & gentleman

Thankyou all for coming to this Romani history, culture & traditions exhibit.
I am Yvonne Slee, a Romani writer and activist for the Romani Cause and one of the organisers of the exhibit.
Before I go any further, I wish to acknowledge the prior ownership by the traditional owners of the land on which we stand. We thank them for the use of this land.
I also wish to acknowledge Mr. John Hyde, representing the federal minister for immigration and citizenship, the honourable Senator Chris Evans.
This is the first exhibit of its kind in Perth to show Romani history and culture to the public. Romanies are a very misunderstood, and often forgotten, people. With this exhibit we want to show the public Romani history and culture in a true and accurate way. The exhibit was organised with the help of 2 other members of the Romani Australian United Perth WA organisation, the president, Islam Abduramanoski and Treasurer, David Slee, hoping that it will help us to be better understood by the public. Romanies are a people of Indian descent, are the worlds only non territorial ethnic group and have made their home in all corners of the world.
I will now call on Mr. John Hyde to open the exhibit.

Opening speech by Yvonne Slee, head organiser of the exhibit
Sinan performing on opening day
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Watch a 2 part video of the exhibit on YouTube
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